Reasons for setting up the project

People’s interest in sport and physical activity has undoubtedly increased in the recent years. It results from the society’s greater health awareness, wealth and many other factors. We can observe more and more intense involvement of the media and sports-oriented companies. Magazines and TV shows dedicated to sports and active leisure enjoy growing popularity. More and more people are interested in sports accessories, gadgets and professional sports monitoring.

Exercise tests enable you to reasonably control your training. Producers of popular training monitoring equipment provide software to various devices based on the tests conducted in research centres or use simple, error-prone formulas. Even nowadays, it is not easy to perform professional exercise tests.

First, you need to find the right centre in which such tests are conducted. Then, you need to prepare yourself and arrange considerable funds. The price of exercise tests in Poland ranges from 250 to 600 PLN. In other countries, it amounts to 100-400 EUR. As a company that deals with the maintenance of exercise testing equipment and conducts training sessions on how to use such equipment (in more than 15 centres in Poland), we notice that very often exercise tests are performed incorrectly.

The problems are complex and concern the following issues:

  •  incorrectly selected test,
  •  ignoring equipment problems,
  •  ignoring procedures, mainly those concerning calibration,
  •  ignoring environmental conditions,
  •  little experience of the given centre in performing tests, etc.

In extreme cases, the results are simply compiled without obtaining any clear-cut data.