What will you gain by using SET?

Basing on the information entered, i.e. anthropometric data (age, body weight, body height) and easily measurable HR and exercise intensity values (during a field test according to an individually developed procedure), the SmartErgoTest system calculates:

  • VO2 max,
  • VE max,
  • optimal heart rate indicated while reducing adipose tissue,
  • ranges of heart rate and speed at metabolic thresholds,
  • cardiac parameters, e.g. stroke volume and cardiac output,
  • body composition,
  • restitution parameters (e.g. recovery heart rate)
  • in the future, other parameters that we’ll consider appropriate and necessary for this project.

To sum up, the project enables calculation of the basic parameters obtained in a progressive test (performed according to certain assumptions) basing only on the heart rate measurement, with no necessity to visit a laboratory. The accuracy of the measurement is around 95% but usually it is close to 99%. The tests performed in this way are more reliable than direct measurements conducted with the use of recently modified equipment or laboratory tests carried out by inexperienced staff (as a servicing company, we have often encountered such problems).

The advantage of SET over similar projects available online consists in the applied algorithm that is based on analysing an extremely large database. As if we each time consulted our tests’ results with an expert.