SmartErgoTest – the best tests in Wrocław

Basing on our many years’ experience, we have developed an advanced and extremely precise system for exercise testing called SET. Thanks to this project based on the artificial intelligence algorithms, which we have developed for the last 5 years, anyone can undergo an endurance test in any conditions, only by means of a GPS heart rate monitor, and obtain almost instantly more accurate results than in a professional laboratory.

Precision and comprehensive measurement

The SET exercise testing is particularly recommended for runners and endurance athletes. The method of performing the measurements, their precision and comprehensive analysis constitute an invaluable source of information for runners, triathlonists, footballers and anyone who wants to know their physiological parameters to implement or modify their workout plan.

SET testing for runners and athletes – applicable anywhere in the world

Our endurance tests allow us to immediately answer all the questions related to your endurance and physical fitness. As it is really convenient to remotely perform the tests, our offer attracts more and more athletes not only from Wrocław but also from other Polish cities and abroad.