Professional Endurance testing

A few words about us..

Bartnet-Lab was established in 2004. Its founder is Bartosz Ochmann PhD, currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry at the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław.

We’ve been dealing with exercise physiology since 1995; we used to work on  Jaeger and Cosmed ergospirometers, currently we use only Cosmed equipment.

It took us plenty of time to get to know our testing equipment which resulted in a completely changed attitude to exercise testing.

We specialise in tests performed in natural, field conditions. The tests are designed specifically for particular disciplines and conducted in the most natural sports environment. The tests are prepared individually, depending on the given subject’s endurance. We are “rebels” in this matter as we don’t rehash the tests from the 1960s, like 90% of the Polish research centres. We develop tests adapted to specific disciplines on the basis of the most recent scientific achievements. These tests don’t exhaust the subjects and provide most reliable data.

We closely cooperate with Mikropolis, a company based in Poznań representing Cosmed. We hold maintenance licences and we carry out repairs of stationary and mobile devices (mainly ergospirometers) by Cosmed for the majority of research centres in Poland.

Moreover, we specialise in using Artificial Neural Networks to analyse data. Numerous master’s theses, doctoral and professor’s dissertations as well as research grants were based on our analyses.

Why do we prefer testing in natural conditions?

On the basis of our many years’ experience, we arrived at the conclusion that it was difficult to apply laboratory testing in training conditions. The differences that we recorded in the heart rate at metabolic thresholds reach even 30 heartbeats per minute between a maximal exercise test performed in a laboratory and a test performed in natural conditions. We recorded huge differences in heart rate in team games, athletics and mainly in short distance disciplines (sprint, multi-discipline contests, jumps, etc.), boxing and other martial arts.

Why us?

Reliability of results is of major importance to us, therefore we introduce numerous modifications in our equipment and research methods. As the only company in Poland, we take into account environmental conditions (besides those automatically recorded by testing equipment) in which we perform the tests, i.e. changes in temperature and pressure and their influence on recorded parameters. We use many unique solutions and we build devices to measure aerobic and anaerobic endurance in various sports disciplines. Bartnet-Lab, as the first and only company in Poland, has developed and introduced anaerobic endurance radar tests that are used by professional footballers from the major league to the 4th league as well as by athletes representing other disciplines.

We are able to prepare tests for specific disciplines and in some cases also to develop special testing equipment and research method for these disciplines.

While cooperating with Paweł Korzeniowski, we developed a unique device for anaerobic testing in water for which we are trying to obtain a patent.

Our cooperation with Urszula Radwańska resulted in developing a device to measure overloads that occur while hitting a ball with a racket and these tests’ results were used to plan her individual phosphagen training.