Comprehensive endurance testing performed on the basis of available technologies enables us to obtain extensive knowledge of an athlete’s physical fitness and endurance. Bearing this in mind, we offer state-of-the-art and most effective methods of endurance testing for runners, footballers, athletes and representatives of other sports disciplines.

We offer two types of endurance tests:

  1. Traditional field tests performed in the form of individually prepared progressive tests. Data are recorded on a mobile Cosmed ergospirometer (K4 or modern K5). Body composition is analysed by means of an ultrasound or near infrared method. More details in: Traditional testing.
  2. Remote field tests performed in the form progressive tests only by means of a GPS sporttester and analysed using the SET platform. Body composition is analysed with the use of a specifically developed algorithm (accuracy in comparison with the ultrasound method is +- 1%). More details in: SET testing.

Comprehensive endurance testing

Our endurance tests allow us to obtain comprehensive information on maximal oxygen uptake, amount of carbon dioxide produced, heart rate, metabolic and calorimetric parameters as well as many other details that are essential to athletes, physicians and coaches. All endurance tests are performed in natural conditions which increases their reliability and enables us to more accurately determine physiological parameters during intensive physical exercise.

Tests for athletes – in Wrocław and worldwide

If you’re interested in our comprehensive or individual endurance tests, feel invited to contact us. Are you preparing yourself for a run, e.g. half marathon or marathon? Are you a professional athlete or an amateur? Thanks to our comprehensive gasometric and endurance tests, you’ll get to know your organism even better!