Prices of endurance and exercise tests

Our comprehensive offer of endurance tests for runners and other athletes encompasses professional field tests enabling the most accurate and reliable measurements. To ensure the highest standard of services, we offer attractive prices for particular endurance tests. We do our best to combine the highest quality with attractive prices, that’s why organised groups, sports clubs and teams can benefit from special discounts or negotiate the prices with us.

Price list for physiological tests

Body composition analysis using an ultrasound analyser Bodymetrix 50 PLN
Field ergospirometry 400 PLN
Anaerobic test using a sports radar 150 PLN
SET test 150 PLN

The above price list contains approximate prices. We focus on an individual approach to customers by offering them competitive prices for our physiological and exercise tests. The items listed below are only some examples of endurance tests performed in our laboratory. We offer e.g. gasometric endurance tests, professional body composition analysis or remote SET tests with an online analysis.

Excellent testing precision combined with attractive prices

To ensure the highest quality of our services, all of our comprehensive, endurance tests are performed with the use of top-class, extremely reliable and accurate testing equipment. For runners and other athletes representing disciplines that require physical preparation, the results of endurance tests are particularly important and enable them to introduce new assumptions to their workout plans, to control their workout intensity and to optimally prepare for the next competition. Feel invited to benefit from our offer.


Bigger groups can always negotiate the prices with us.