Physiological sports testing: exercise and endurance tests

Success in the present-day sports is determined by details. Athletes, coaches and training staff are well aware of this fact. Appropriate physical preparation is the basis for achieving top form. Professional sports diagnostics enable us to monitor athletes’ endurance and physical fitness at particular stages of their preparation and throughout the season. Nowadays, endurance and exercise tests constitute a standard in every sports discipline.

Sports diagnostics – Wrocław

Our sports diagnostics laboratory offers exercise testing to professional athletes and amateurs alike. We specialise in endurance tests performed in field conditions. To obtain most precise measurements, we make use of the state-of-the-art equipment and we hire real experts in sports diagnostics.

We perform exercise testing optimally adapted to your discipline which allows us to record relevant training data and parameters. Footballers, athletes, tennis players, boxers, skiers and representatives of any other sports discipline who want to improve their performance and work on their endurance in natural conditions can benefit from our professional sports diagnostics.

Endurance tests for everyone

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20 years’ experience

Since 1995, we have supported athletes by providing them with endurance tests performed in field conditions. The tests are designed for particular disciplines and conducted in the most natural sports environment.

Accuracy and applicability

Precision of measurements and possibility to use the tests for training are of major importance to us. We specialise in football, athletics and tennis but our tests can be performed by professional athletes and amateurs representing any sports discipline, from martial arts to speed skating, biathlon, triathlon or golf.

Thorough knowledge of equipment

We know the structure of our testing equipment. We hold maintenance licences and we carry out repairs of stationary and mobile devices (mainly ergospirometers) by Cosmed for the majority of research centres in Poland.

SET system

Basing on our many years’ experience, we’ve developed the world’s first system for so advanced and extremely precise exercise testing called SET. Thanks to this project based on the artificial intelligence algorithms, anyone can undergo an endurance test in any conditions, only by means of a GPS heart rate monitor, and obtain more accurate results than in a professional laboratory.


Our company deals with performing cyclic, specialist exercise tests, analysing them and using them in training, according to special formulas developed by Bartnet-Lab