Standard tests include:

Body composition analysis:

  • Body composition analysis (e.g. measuring the percentage of body fat, lean body mass, amount of body water, etc.) performed according to the near-infrared method with the use of Futrex 5500 A/WL analyser. Currently, we can analyse body composition using an advanced ultrasound analyser Bodymetrix that also calculates your metabolic rate at rest and during exercise.

Endurance (aerobic) testing:

  • Ergospirometry by means of a highly improved (e.g. to include the analysis of environmental parameters) k4b2 mobile analyser produced by an Italian company Cosmed or with the use of a state-of-the-art K5 analyser. The analysers allow the measurement of oxygen uptake, amount of CO2 produced, ventilation, heart rate, speed and other parameters in our special formulas. The ergospirometry analysis enables us to calculate e.g. the maximal oxygen uptake,  speed and heart rate at metabolic thresholds, metabolic and calorimetric parameters (e.g. optimal exercise intensity to reduce adipose tissue), cardiac parameters (e.g. stroke volume and cardiac output), aerobic and anaerobic capacity, metabolic zones, heart rate zones in which fat or carbohydrates are used, etc.

Endurance (anaerobic) testing

  • Anaerobic tests with the use of a sports radar. This advanced device enables dynamic measurement of speed with very high sample rate (speed is recorded at a rate of 30x per second) which makes it possible to measure the movement (speed) of an athlete (a running equivalent of the Wingate test) as well as other objects, e.g. to measure the speed of thrown objects (force of a throw). The radar test results are used to determine phosphagen capacity zones. Anaerobic tests by means of a GPS are performed mainly in glycolytic training to specify an optimal distance for interval training.

We conduct our tests in natural conditions, in accordance with the procedures developed at Bartnet-Lab. Reliability of results obtained and their use in training is of major importance to us. You will always receive comprehensive information and training tips. If we notice any problems, we’ll refer you for additional tests.
We can prepare the results according to your guidelines.